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Captive Souls: A Hell Chronicles Story Ebook

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The gods are real, and they don’t care about us!

Kristen should be enjoying her final year in college, but everything changed when the dark elves invaded. The invaders destroyed the world as she knew it. America fell, and the magical occupiers now rule with an iron fist.

Caught up in the rebel factions, Kristen is captured when a mana shipment meant for the sick and injured freedom fighters runs afoul.

Kristen must keep her wits about her to handle her entrance into the Supernatural Prison, and a strong right hook to ensure she survives to fight another day!

Escape into Captive Souls by USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck, a Hell Chronicles story from the series readers are calling “riveting.”

Note: Immediate download is available, and the book will be sent to you via Bookfunnel. Bookfunnel will also help you to sideload (load your book onto your ereader), should you have difficulties. Ebook includes .mobi and .epub for download.
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