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Cracking The Toddler Code

If you know how to speak your toddler’s language, you will discover a whole new child, and reap the benefits of a well behaved, loving toddler who LISTENS (not to mention you’ll enjoy stress free parenthood).

Cracking The Toddler Code- Written by Hannah Jackson, author with 15 years' experience with young children, and Dr Langham- Child behavior expert and child psychologist.

Parenting shouldn't be so difficult! No parent should ever feel so overwhelmed, mentally stressed and physically exhausted. Unfortunately, it's all too common to feel so under pressure these days.

Cracking The Toddler Code was designed to cover all aspects of parenting, and answering all the big questions on every parent’s mind.

This essential guide will show you how to overcome challenges with ease, so that you have the happiest toddler, all the while finding parenting so rewarding and EASY.

Here is what you can expect to uncover in Cracking The Toddler Code:

Chapter one: Tantrums. Understand what causes them, how to cope with them, and even better- how to PREVENT them from occurring (even those embarrassing ones in the grocery store!).

Chapter two: Positive discipline and communicating with your toddler. Understand how to practice "Positive Parenting" and what the negative consequences are from "discipline". Learn how you can effectively communicate with your toddler, and how to build your toddler's self esteem.

Chapter three: Sleep routines. In this chapter, we go into detail about establishing healthy routines for a great night's sleep. You will also know what to do with a toddler that just won't nap, and what to do when your wee one just won't stay in bed!

Chapter four: Potty training. Is your little one ready for potty training? Thus chapter will tell you the signs to look for. You will also uncover some very important tips to make potty training easy, how to deal with accidents, and what to do if there is a potty training regression.

Chapter five: Learning and developing. This chapter goes deep in the mind of your toddler. Here you will discover ways to help your child's brain grow and develop, and how to help them build on their skills and personality.

Chapter six: Strengthening the relationship. It is so important to have a healthy relationship with your toddler. We will show you exactly how to do that, and how you can help your toddler to safely explore the world.

Chapter seven: Dealing with transitions. Life events such as starting daycare or a new arrival to the family can have a strong effect on children. Discover how you can help them through any changes in life with ease.

Cracking The Toddler Code takes the stress out of parenting. You will feel confident as a parent, and better yet see some amazing and positive changes in your toddler almost immediately.

Stress free parenthood awaits you, so don’t delay, take your copy right now!

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