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Flipping for Him (Audiobook)

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Finding a guy was easy. Keeping him might be harder than running up a tree.

Kevin McCollum is a high school junior with the usual things on his mind: getting good grades, having fun, and finding a boyfriend. The last one always eluded him until he noticed the “parkour guy.” After several days of pretending to study while watching the attractive teen jump on rocks, run up trees, and do flips, Shin finally comes over to introduce himself.

As they start dating, Kevin should’ve known it wouldn’t be that easy.Shin’s parents only want their son to date Japanese boys. When cultures clash and pressures mount, Kevin has no idea how to subvert traditions and Shin’s parents to keep the boy he cares about.

Kevin will need to clear some tricky obstacles to make his modern love story a reality.

Flipping for Him is narrated by Jason Frazier
Run time: 3h 12m
You will get a TXT (599B) file

Flipping for Him (Ebook/Audiobook Bundle)


Flipping for Him (Ebook)