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After Last Night with Mr. Darcy

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“All the privilege I claim ... is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone!” —Jane Austen

After spending the night in the arms of a handsome stranger, Elizabeth awakens to the reality of her situation: she is engaged to marry another man.

Fitzwilliam Darcy faces tough choices after having spent the night with a bewitching young lady who’s committed to marrying somebody else.

Was one night in each other's arms enough or merely the awakening of their desires? Does misery of the acutest kind await them, or is this the making of a most ardent and enduring love affair?

§ Written to be read as a titillating and thoroughly engaging stand-alone story, After Last Night with Mr. Darcy starts with an excerpt from A Night with Mr. Darcy to Remember as its prologue. That said, ardent fans of A Night with Mr. Darcy to Remember and those who have been longing for more won't want to miss what happens next.
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