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50-Pack Vol 10

This collection is an assortment of sizzling hot stories that are not in any other 50-pack. It has it all: Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Niece and lots of hot bestiality stories! 102,000 words of HOT, sweaty, sex! None of these stories overlap with any of the 50-packs, but may be in other packs.

Stories Included:

- BF 7: Raping My Girlfriend's Dog
- BF 8: Knocking Puppies In My Sleeping Bitches' Wombs
- The Magical Amulet Of Daughter Fucking
- Mommy Held Me Down While Daddy Raped Me
- Cisco Wouldn't Take NO! For An Answer
- If Your Father Finds Out, He'll Kill Us!
- Sister Fucking Bimbo Juice
- Fucking My Helpless Sister
- Fucked By Rex!
- Dog Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled by Rex to Carry His Puppies
- Mom & Sis Mind Control 1: I Dare You To Hypnotize Your Sister
- Disciplining Mom
- Sis Helped Me Fuck Mom's Bitch Part 2: Fucking Mom & Sis
- Sister Cousins Sleepover Fuck Party
- I Give You My Full Motherly Permission to Fuck My Daughter! Part 1
- Making My Mother My Obedient Sex Slave
- Punishing Mom & Sis Behind The Wood Shed
- Raped By The Ghost
- Mom Stared In Horror As I Knocked Up Her Horny Bitch Part 1
- Raped In The Pound
- Gangbanged By The Horny Farm Animals
- Stuffing My 3 Sister's Cunts With My Dominant Seed
- Grandpa Held Mom Down While I Raped Her
- Raped Into Submission By The Neighbor's Stallion
- Raped By The Angry Swan
- Clueless Mothers 1: Mom Hoovered The House While Sis Hoovered My Cock
- Daddy Tied Me up in Front of Cisco
- Raped By The Rooster
- Raped by the Akita
- Subduing Mom With A Shock Collar
- Hormonal Pregnant Mothers Popped By Their Sons 1
- Raped by the Junkyard Dogs: Brutus's Bitch
- Raping My Daughter as Her Mother Beat Me With a Shoe!
- Fucking My Drunk Mother in the Ass
- Raping my Pregnant Daughter
- My Sister Swallowed A Bimbo Pill
- Raping My Air-Headed Bimbo Sister
- Punish Raping My Three Daughters
- Branding Mom & Sis Like Cattle
- I Caught Sis With A Dog Cock In Her Mouth!
- Forced To Carry My Son's Baby
- Knocking A Baby In My Twin Daughters' Virgin Wombs
- I Raped My Sedated Mother
- Daddy Turned Me Into A Hucow!
- Raped By My Own Dog!
- Fucking The Boss's Mare
- No, Daddy! Please Don't Rape Me In The Ass!
- Knocking Up My Knocked-Up Mother
- Raped By The Pound Dogs
- Fucking My Two Dumb, Blonde Bimbo Sisters Part 1 & 2

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