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Four-Steps-to-Forgiveness by William Fergus Martin

"A Powerful way to freedom, happiness and success!"

This book takes you on a wonderful journey to freedom, happiness and success. Have you ever found success elusive, relationships difficult, or peace of mind hard to find? Have you ever felt undeserving of something; yet, you wanted it desperately? Have you ever wished you could be a better person, but keep tripping yourself up and making the same mistakes?

The chances are that hurts, resentments, grievances, bitterness and anger (perhaps also guilt, remorse and self blame) are holding you back. They are keeping you stuck in the same place and holding you locked into repeating patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions which keep re-creating the same unhappy circumstances.

This book is your exit door out of all that; and your entry door to a whole new life. Read this book, practise the techniques within it, and you will begin to reshape your life into something magnificent. You will discover that you are a much better person, and a much more powerful one, than you ever even hoped to be. You will tap into an inner strength which sets you free and enables you to create more of the life you truly want without struggle or striving. The only struggle, if there is one, will be to get over your habit of struggling.

You will discover the amazing power of forgiveness and how it can transform your life. You are about to discover:
How Forgiveness is they key to your freedom, happiness and success.
How Forgiveness opens the way to better relationships, a better job and even to more money - by freeing you of your blocks to these things.
How to not only forgive others, but how to forgive yourself and be free of guilt, shame and remorse.
Why forgiving yourself is the most unselfish thing you can do, because of all the amazing benefits everyone around you will experience.

Image being able to let go of every painful event from your past, whether you hurt others, or whether others hurt you, and to turn these around into victories and triumphs. Wouldn't that be something? It is something, something you can now have. It will help you unleash the wonderful, loving, empowered person that you truly are. You need only take Four Steps to Forgiveness.

The book gets amazing responses from people worldwide, not only from, USA and UK, but also from Bahrain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand.... Already there are translations to over twenty different languages currently in progress.

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