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MC 13-2 Part 2 Old City Cemetery - The Northern part of Evergreen

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Part  2 of Old City Cemetery.

Published in 1983, this 103 page document has stone readings from that time and other information.  At that time some stones were so badly eroded that they could not be read or required a great deal of effort to read. 

Old City is the Northern part of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery.  The dividing line is not crystal clear, so some readings in this publication may appear in others.  

"Parents names, maiden names, marriage and birth dates and
some historical information have been added by reading courthouse
records, obituaries, newspapers, Duis's "Good Old Times",
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, History of McLean County
Vol.II 1908, Biographical History of The Members of The McLean
County Medical Society, 1854-1934, in an effort to obtain
as correct genealogical information as possible."

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