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AUDIO/EBOOK BUNDLE - The Drive To Freedom: The Hustler's Guide To Becoming An Independent Courier

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This book is a guide as well as a shining light into the secret world of Independent Courier Contracting. This book outlines in very simple steps how anyone can become a successful entrepreneur in the ever growing transportation industry. This business doesn't require having a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) or any professional driving experience. This book isn't written by a researcher but by an actual practitioner who after quitting his job at Berkshire Hathaway went on to start his own small courier business which grew from $500 in reveneue to over $2,000 in revenue every week within the first 90 days of operation. I have trained thousands of now business owners that make a range from as low as five figures to over six figures per year doing what I taught them. This book will teach you in consolidated form what I taught them. How to start your own IC business! How far you take it is 100% up to you.

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