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“Forgiveness :give up hope of a better past” by Linus Kirimi
The book covers the painful theme of Forgiveness.
For example a person hurt you in the past. You forgave and moved on happily. Then one day same person says something and the pain re occurs all over again. Why?.
The first part of the book explains why its  almost impossible letting go over past grudges .And reason is the ego loves grudges. The ego feeds on grievances. The  book chapter about the ego is illuminating and an eye opener.
The next 2ndpart of the book covers why you have to forgive .On the chapter the difference between forgiving and “Peace them out “ people who hurt you is explained .
The third part of the book is the three case studies.The stories of F.Man,Sandi Sandi and Kiti.The three case studies clear  way for the next part-The healing process
F.Man was abandoned by family,Sandi Sandi was cheated on and Kiti…Well Kiti is the story of when you try hard that’s when you die hard
The third part  in the book is the healing process.You were hurt in the past.(And everyone has been hurt in the past).As the book says  no one has a completely happy past…so you may reach a point where you want to forgive but just don’t know how.
The healing process handles:
1.reconciling with your past,
2. understanding you cannot change the past ,
3.How to let go
4. Moving on  more aware self.
The book is parked with practical psychology, curious pointers on self awareness and most refreshing -no words are wasted…. the book has no filler material.[you know way writers park pages on pages of repeating same material]
To get most of the book you have to read every sentence …and maybe re read the book and lastly keeps it as reference.

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