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Wolfsbury East High School Zombies

By Baem Fox
When Trevor's parents decided to live separately, he followed his mom, moving to another small town called Wolfsbury. At Wolfsbury, he fell in love with Tanya who was the girlfriend of the Wolfsbury rugby team captain, Jack. At the same time, he joined the school rugby team too. Jack is always trying to find a way to knock Trevor out from the team. No one in the team knew the idea that is cooking up in Professor Bumpstains head, the biology teacher and also the rugby’s coach. Bumpstains wanted to form a superhuman rugby team so he did a research and the experiment that he conducted on one of the rugby player left some bad effects to the students after the mouse that Bumpstains used had escaped. The chaos started after one of the students got infected by the virus fainted and she bit her friend’s face who was trying to help her when she woke up. The virus spread through bites and finger scratches. Trevor, Tanya and Max asked for help from Taylor who is Trevor’s best friend. Taylor was the first to know Bumpstains bad intention after he found out Bumpstains chemical formula to form the superhuman rugby team in his office. Professor Oak was Bumpstains best friend. He used to teach and coach the rugby team but he got betrayed by Bumpstains. After that, Oak left the team and his career at Wolfsbury and hid in his house which is located far away from the town. Taylor told Professor Oak about Bumpstains idea and they decided to cooperate and create a serum to cure the abnormal human species that has affected by Bumpstains’s formula. With a lot of preparations have been made, Trevor asked help from Taylor. Jack regretted with what he has done to Trevor and wanted to join them. The journey to survive started when they have to get out from School and get to Professor Oak’s place to get the cure for this plague. Will they succeed? Will they get to survive without getting bitten or scratched? Will the cure work on the infected students and staffs?

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