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Bring on the Moon! Lack of Menstruation: Amenorrhea

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Why Restore Your Menstrual Bleeding?
There are many reasons menstruation stops. The cause may be physiological, and sometimes anatomical. Lack of Menstruation: Amenorrhea summarizes reductive diagnostic approaches in part 1, and then addresses physiological challenges, from an holistic perspective in part 2.

What You Need to Know About Restoring Your Cycle

This book was created so that you may become educated about factors that are contributing to not having a menstrual cycle. These factors can be complex, and may need the special testing and diagnostics that reductive medicine offers. This way, a clear line of action, or non-action can be taken.

How Can This Guide Help You Restore Your Cycle?

Part 1, provides a summary of the reductive approaches to diagnosis, causes, and treatment.

Part 2 offers holistic guidance to resolve amenorrhea. An holistic approach addresses changes in behaviors that may be contributing, provides easy, at home treatments, effective herbal remedy recipes, resources to purchase remedies, if needed, and more. 

Restore Your Cycle & Restore Clarity

Thankfully there are many options and paths available.

19 pages, plus additional pdf's
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