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The Astrology of Human Relationships

As evidenced by the turmoil in our world, relational problems of one
form or another constitute the most widespread cause of human misery
and depression. Whether these problems manifest themselves on an international
scale as disagreements between national, political, or economic
powers or they directly affect the affinity of two individuals, their importance
must be recognized and understood.
In an effort to anticipate and ameliorate such differences and potential
difficulties, one of the most valuable and important contributions made
by astrology is in the field of horoscopic comparison, the astrological
analysis of the relationship between two or more individuals. Unfortunately,
many people exhibit such a superficial knowledge of astrology
that they frequently draw erroneous conclusions in this area. This is
especially true of judgments based simply upon the Sun signs of the
natives involved. Often, one hears such remarks as “I’m a Taurus. I can’t
get along with you because you are a Leo, and you’re square my Sun
sign.’’ Such statements reveal a fundamental misunderstanding related to
the oversimplification of astrology.

Consideration of the general psychology and the level of consciousness
of the individuals embraced by the relationship is mandatory. Even with
many favorable comparative aspects and positive transposed house placements in a comparison, there can be a lack of rapport or a lapse in the
ability of the natives to understand one another. This is particularly true
if the individuals in question have differing levels of intelligence, education,
experience, social background, and spiritual outlook.
The vast field of horoscopic comparison comprises two major fields of
analysis. The first of these deals with the aspects or planetary positions of
one horoscope in relation to another, while the second concerns itself
with the placement of the natal planets of one individual’s chart in the
houses of the other’s natal horoscope. However, it is only when all these
factors are appraised, interpreted, and weighed as to their relative importance
that an accurate understanding of the relationship can be reached.
Comparative placements of the planets of two or more individuals’ horoscopes
reveal how the basic psychological drives of one individual affect
the lives of the others.

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