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Tarot Coaching

About Tarot Coaching

Tarot Coaching combines both coaching and tarot in a very unique way: the cards are used for self-improvement and self-development. The Tarot offers us a way to tap into our intuition thanks to its archetypal imagery and universal human experiences. This in turn gives us clarity and insights into different life situations so that we can move forward.

Readings I'm Offering

At the moment, I can offer you two types of reading:
  • a 3-Card Spread reading, and
  • a Celtic Cross reading
The 3-Card Spread reading is indicated for simple questions. The Celtic Cross reading is more adequate if you are seeking to explore a theme in a much deeper way.

The Psychology of Tarot

Tarot works through symbols and images on cards. It provides a framework for the analysis of problems or life situations that we want to know more about and find solutions for. The Tarot is not exactly meant to forecast the future as people traditionally think though; it’s more like a means to go deeper within ourselves and uncover what might be somehow suppressed or blocked.

When you put a question to the Tarot and the cards are drawn, the mind automatically looks for meaning and creative links that it wouldn’t otherwise consider. This is the magic of Tarot in a therapeutic setting: together we unlock hidden wisdom and bring to the surface what already lies within you, transforming symbolic language – the language of the unconscious – into practical guidance for your daily life.

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