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Barefoot & Dumped!

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What would you do if your boyfriend dumped you at your parent's 30th wedding anniversary party?

I know I should be more upset about my break up, but in reality there are only two reasons I'm annoyed. First and foremost, he did it before I could, and second, he did it at my freaking parent’s party! Who does that? My ex douchebag that’s who! Let’s see how long I can drag out him picking up the tiny amount of crap he had at my place.

When my parent’s insist that my sister and I leave their party to celebrate my break up, Lacey my best friend jumps on the chance and we’re at our favourite bar drinking and dancing ourselves into oblivion, while sharing a table with a man that makes my skin sizzle. I have no time for someone new, even a one night stand, because I need to find me before I find another ‘us’. I won't live to make someone else happy, or myself comfortable ever again.

Am I annoyed that Lexi hasn’t called me yet? Yeah, I am, but I guess there could be a million reasons why she hasn’t, and I'm just glad I was there to help her and her friends out. Happy to have made sure they were safe at the bar and then got home as well. I would hope someone would do it for my sister in similar circumstances.

When Lexi and I literally run into each other a week later, I can't believe my luck. It seems like the answer to all my prayers, until I realise she's freaked out because I know her name and she doesn’t remember me, at all! As I watch her bolt, I know I have two choices, and I choose to walk away because I refuse to come across as any kind of creepy stalker. I've dealt with a crazy ex, and I won't do that to anyone. So, once again, I'm left without her number, and I decide to let it go. Let her go, but that’s easier said than done.

When Lexi’s ex plays a dangerous game, will Gabe be able to get to her in time to protect her?
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