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Krishna 1 - Proofs of God's Existence

The existence of God (Krishna) through syllogisms

Syllogism is a style of reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from premises or basic statements. In this book we want to establish the existence of God (Krishna) through syllogisms. We begin with a definition of the word God or Krishna.

Definition of “God”

God means the Supreme Being and etymologically comes from the gothic or Germanic root Gheu, meaning: the One invoked or begged and the One sacrificed to.
One prays because one expects perfections from a Perfect Being, one performs a sacrifice out of duty to a Superior or out of love for a Beloved. Krishna means the All-attractive, All-perfect, All-lovable and All-loving. So, God is Krishna or Krishna is God.

The dictionary defines God as:
1 The Supreme or Ultimate Reality.  
2 The Supreme Being who is perfect in power, wisdom, beauty and goodness.  
3 The Creator.
4 The Ruler of the universe.  
5 The Supreme Judge.
6 The Heavenly Father.

The following list of philosophical and scientific syllogisms on the existence of Krishna or God prove that God, thus defined, exists.

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