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1. Explain what is meant by ‘management’. In your answer discuss how the definitions of ‘management’ have changed over time.

1. Explain what is meant by ‘management’. In your answer discuss how the definitions of ‘management’ have changed over time.

2. Describe the three ‘attitude orientations’ of organizational behavior and give an example for each. In your answer discuss why it is helpful for managers to be aware of these orientations

 3. Describe the two approaches of perception and the categories in each approach. Discuss why it is important for individuals to be aware of these approaches and the barriers to accurate perception that can occur.

4. Explain why it is important to understand the different communication styles when communicating with people. In your answer discuss the barriers to communication that managers need to be aware of when communicating with culturally diverse teams.

5. You are a manager who is trying to get support from your colleagues for a new idea. Describe the three principles of communication as well as three influencing tactics you might use.

6. Taking a systems view of organizations, discuss the influence of systems, culture and values on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

7. Secchi developed three theories of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Describe the differences between the three theories and give an example for each

 9. Bass and Avolio developed a model of Transformational Leadership. Discuss the key features of the model including what is meant by the term ‘Transformational Leadership’.

10. You have just been appointed as a strategic manager. In your planning you are considering undertaking either a macro analysis or an organisational analysis. Discuss the key features of both approaches and in what circumstances you would apply each analytical tool.

12. Explain the contingency factors that affect organizational design.

13. Describe what the objective frameworks for organizational analysis are. Discuss when the ‘systems principles’ are not desirable for businesses to apply.

14. Define each of the following types of innovation and give an appropriate example for each from the motorcar industry: Product/Service innovation; Marketing innovation; Technology innovation

 15. Explain why it is necessary, and very important, to measure innovation within organizations. In your answer discuss what would be appropriate metrics for product and technology innovation.

16. ‘The availability of advanced information technology allows an organization's work to be done anywhere at any time.’ Discuss if ‘organizing’ is still an important managerial function in a global society. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.

17. Describe three effects of globalization on organizations.

18. Discuss five challenges that managers face in motivating today’s workforce and ways in which these challenges can be overcome

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