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Boost Your Metabalism

By Derek I'Anson
Our bodies are continually creating more cells to replace dead or dysfunctional

cells. For example, if you cut your finger, your body starts the process of

creating skin cells to clot the blood and start the healing process instantly. This

creation process is a metabolic response, and is called anabolism.

On the other hand, there is the exact opposite activity taking place in other parts

of the body. Instead of building cells and tissue the body is breaking down

energy so the body can function.

For example, as you exercise, your body temperature rises and your heart beat

increases. As this happens, your body requires more oxygen, so your breathing

increases. If your body couldn't adjust to this enhanced requirement for oxygen,

you would collapse. And all of this requires additional energy.

Presuming that you aren't overdoing it, your body will begin converting food into

energy in a metabolic process called catabolism.

Your metabolism is a constant process that works in two seemingly opposite

ways: anabolism uses energy to create cells, and catabolism breaks down cells

to create energy.

The metabolism is a harmonizer. It brings together two seemingly opposite

functions, and does so in an optimal way that enables the body to create cells as

needed, and break them down, again as needed.

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