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My Wardrobe

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Keep track of your purchases, find your style, treasure your clothes.

My Wardrobe is a simple, beautiful Notion template for fashion enthusiasts.

I don't buy clothes often. In fact, I'm pretty minimalistic when it comes to fashion and style. I have a Notion template to keep track of everything I own. I actually wrote a story once, called "I Keep a List of All the Clothes I Own".

Since I wrote that piece, I switched my list from a simple note in Apple Notes to a highly customizable and expendable Notion template. I use Notion for everything. It just made sense to do it for clothes as well.

This template is really cool. It's divided into a few sections:
  1. Categories: A filtered database for each clothing category. I use 4, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories. You can use more or less. However you like.
  2. Shopping list: this filtered view shows a card view of items you'd like to purchase in the near future, with checkboxes to check off when you're done.
  3. The collection: This is the heart and soul of the template. The one large database where all your clothes and items will be stored. Your virtual closet if you will.
  4. The seasonal overview: This is a filtered card view of seasonal items. I like to separate some things into seasonal piles. Winter clothes vs. summer outfits, for example.
  5. Quotes: Fitting words for fashion enthusiasts.

This Notion template is a great foundation for you to build upon. You can:
  • use it as inspiration to categorize and organize your wardrobe.
  • add sections, change the look of the template with cool cover images and icons.
  • switch the quotes (which this template features, for example by Coco Chanel)
  • add finances to it as well, if you fancy. Make it yours!
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