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Mommy Held Me Down While Daddy Raped Me!

My 18-year-old bratty daughter, Lisa, needed to be taught a lesson.

As a mother, I never thought I’d be okay with a man raping my daughter, but she had it coming. And when her father ripped off her clothes and had his way with her, I not only didn’t stop him.

I helped him.


"Honey, I don't care how old you are, while you're living under our roof, you'll abide by our rules!" I was getting fed up with our daughter, Lisa, sneaking out at just to hang with a bunch of guys. If she wasn't careful, she was going to get herself knocked up.

"That's right, dear." Her daddy came into the room. I was sitting on her bed trying to figure out how we were going to pound it into her feeble brain that sneaking out was going to end up badly.

"But mom! I'm 18." She folded her arms across her chest indignantly. "I can do whatever I want."

Her father's swift hand connected soundly with her cheek, causing her to shriek.

"Ow! What did you do that for?" She bellowed as large, round tear droplets formed in her steel-blue eyes and raced down her pretty, reddened cheeks. She rubbed them and looked at me for support.

"Tell him he can't do that, mom! That's abuse or something."

I shook my head. "Like I said, honey. Your father and I can do whatever we wish to you. You're under our care and because of that you will obey our rules. Now I want you to apologize to your father." I demanded.

Her eyes popped open. "For what?!"

"For being a brat. We didn't raised you to be a slutty brat who goes around fucking every guy she comes across." I could feel my anger welling inside.

"What? I've never fucked a guy! I don't know --"

Her father grabbed her by the shirt and ripped it off her. Then, he threw her back on the bed, ripped off her panties, exposing her ripe, luscious 18-year-old pussy to his angry gaze.

"Daddy!" She hollered. "What are you doing? Rape! Rape!" She yelled and tried to get up.

I covered her mouth with my hand and pushed her back on the bed, holding her down.

"I'll be the one who decides if you've been a slut or not!" Her father whipped out his cock and rubbed it up against her swollen pussy lips.

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