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Wild Cupid

We introduced ourselves (again) and the names didn't register.  We tried other companies we'd worked for, clubs and organizations, but nothing seemed to work.  I stood, looking deeply into her grey eyes, lost inside of her.  Her presence seemed to ignite a flutter deep inside my being.  Stirring a feeling of warmth and closeness, making me want to reach my arms around her and hold her.  She too seemed to stare into my eyes, searching them for some clue, some means to identify the feeling we both had. As we walked back inside, side by side, I watched the grace with which she moved. 

She seemed to flow rather than walk, her movements as graceful as a cat. I held the door for her as she entered, returning her smile as she passed by.  Her perfume was faint, almost a whisper, and it left me wanting to find and kiss the places she had applied it.  We sat together in the conference room this time, and I felt elated that the day was coming to a close.

            As people began leaving, some talking with other department reps, I asked her if she was coming back tomorrow for the second half of the tour. "Yes," She smiled, "my plane doesn't leave until tomorrow night." "Oh, you're from out of town?" I queried. "You didn't mention that before." "Colorado, the Denver area." She said as we walked toward the door. "Denver?" I stopped dead in my tracks, holding the door part way open.       

She looked at me questioningly, then seeing something in my eyes, her expression changed, one of - apprehension? As we walked outside, I whispered quietly, not sure, "Amy?" She stopped, searching my face, looking for some sign of how she should reply.  I gestured to the big blue Honda, and asked her if she'd like to go for a ride.  Her head turned to me, eyes wide, "The Barber?" she asked. Smiling, I took her hand, gazing into her eyes as I said, "P. Barber, at your service" and bent to gently kiss her delicate hand. "I don't believe this!"

She exclaimed. "Where are you staying?  Or should I be so bold as to ask you to dinner tonight?" We both laughed and agreed that dinner was a good idea.  There were only several million questions we had for each other, not the least of which was one that would likely never be asked.

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