HAPPY PIPS! How to decode Market’s Choreography with VECTORS! | FOREX Trading to Success!

by Dr Sofia Stavropoulou - Correia

For years, looking at my Charts, I was seeing the price dancing following a magnificent rhythm. I knew there was a “pattern” appearing on and on like a well designed choreography and I also knew that if I could decode it, trading would be a “walk in the park”.

After thorough observation of the way price was behaving when it wanted to continue its move to one direction and how its behavior was changing at the turning points as well as the signs of each cycle’s completion on a specific Time-Frame, I discovered how I could apply ΔΙΑΝΥΣΜΑΤΑ -which is the Greek Mathematical term for VECTORS- to my Charts, building a System consisted of a set of Technical Analysis Tools and a list of Rules that make finding high probability trades a no-brainer.

This is the first Book of my News Series dedicated to Trade Setups from Entry to Exit. The golden goal is to lock our “Daily Pips” and get out of the Markets setting the bar at no more than 20 net pips and going for a gross total of 25 pips per trade while having Broker’s spread covered.

As you’ll see, there are trades, that can lead to an extremely profitable “journey” of hundreds of pips with many lucrative Take-Profit Targets in between and taking one of them, gave me the opportunity to present my way of thinking while using my VECTORS System so that it helps you with your trades.

In case you are a total beginner, I suggest you start from my “HAPPY PIPS” Book, a Complete Guide to FOREX Trading or my KISS FOREX Books, before you read further. (You can view all my Books here: http://fxholic.com/books ) If you are already familiar with the basics of Technical Analysis, this read is going to be pure adrenaline rush :)

Happy Pips!

Sofia Stavropoulou - Correia

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