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A daily reminder to reconnect to your inner strength.

2 sets of reminder wallpaper plus 1 extra mobile wallpaper.

Each set includes 4 jpg images: mobile wallpaper (with and without text,) desktop wallpaper (with and without text.) The whole pack includes 8+1+1 jpg files.

Full content from the Instagram posts:

If you like these posts, I made these wallpapers for you so you can remind yourself and take care of yourself frequently, and incorporate positive imagery into your subconscious effortlessly. 😌

For personal wallpaper use only.

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每套提醒桌布包含四張 jpg 圖檔:筆電桌布(有字+無字)、手機桌布(有字+無字)。整份組合包含了 8+1+1 å¼µ jpg 圖檔。





You will get the following files:
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (4MB)
  • JPG (3MB)
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (2MB)
  • JPG (140KB)
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