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Get instant access to my MLM Team Training Manual. This is a comprehensive 171-page PDF file I put together for my own network marketing team. It shares getting started training, information about my company, tips for success, and great resources.

Here's some of the information that is covered in the eBook:

Your First 96-Hours

  • New Reps Checklist
  • Before You Start
  • Getting Started Right
  • Activating Your Account
  • Making Your Name’s List
  • Contacting Scripts
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing Scripts
  • How to Launch Your Business
  • Reaching Executive

Growing Your Business

  • The MLM Success Formula
  • Ways to Grow Your Business
  • Income Producing Activities
  • The Company’s Websites
  • 10 Steps to Success
  • Daily Marketing Plan
  • Emails to Send to New Team Members
  • Top 10 MLM Recruiting Tips
  • Example Business Plan
  • Success Tips
  • Retention Tips
  • The Mindset of Top Earners
  • How to Overcome Your Fears in the Business
  • What Holds People Back in MLM

Generating Leads

  • Facebook Tips
  • Example Social Media Curiosity Posts
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Scripts
  • Prospecting Tips & Strategies
  • 120 Free & Low-Cost Ways to Get Leads
  • Team Advertising CO-OP
  • Free Leads Program
  • Craigslist System
  • Postcards
  • Drop Cards
Use this as a blueprint to create a team training manual for your own network marketing team. Instant download available 24/7, after secure payment is made.
You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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