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Forced To Fuck The Family Dog!

Now that I was 18, daddy couldn’t use the same old punishments on me. So, when I took the car and had a girls’ night out without his permission, he had to find another way to make me see the error of my ways.

I just didn’t expect him to use the family dog to deliver said punishment.


So, I'll admit it, I was being a brat. I'd just turned 18 and was feeling my oats, pushing my boundaries, seeing what all I could get away with.

Apparently, I found my limit.

I had wanted a girls' night out and daddy wouldn't let me borrow the car. So, I took it. Boy was that a big, fucking mistake!

The party was great. It was fabulous, we had a few drinks, danced with a few guys and went home feeling like a million bucks.

But daddy had a surprise in store when I got back.

He had Shep, our large, black and tan German Shepherd, waiting for me.

"Hey Shep..." I waved nervously as I tried to slip in the house unnoticed.

But Shep noticed.

And he woke daddy up.

Oh fuck!

Daddy bounded down the stairs with the angriest look on his face that I'd ever seen. He was absolutely fucking livid. Can't say that I blamed him, but I certainly didn't expect what he did next.

"Just what the fuck do you think you're doing, young lady?" Daddy bellowed, the vein on his forehead bulged rather comically and I had to stifle a laugh.

"Uh...I just wanted a girls' night out. I swear nothing happened."

He rammed his face next to mine, no doubt sniffing the alcohol on my breath.

"You've been drinking!" He bellowed. My heart lurched in my chest. That was the one thing daddy didn't permit.

"It was just a sip, daddy, don't --"

The next thing I knew, my face rocked back from the force of daddy's slap.

"Shut up!" He growled, then shook his head as I rubbed my cheeks. "I thought I raised you better than this! Now I don't know what I'm going to do with you..." He began pacing the room like a caged animal.

"Do with me?" I started to ask, but the dagger-like glare he sent me shut my mouth right up.

"I don't think since you're an adult that traditional punishments are going to work." He paced some more.

Chills swept through my body as I realized that daddy was contemplating my punishment. Would he take away my phone or cut the Internet or --?

"You're going to fuck the dog!" He blurted out and my entire body froze.

"What?" I squeaked. Maybe I'd misheard him.

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