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The Blue Whale, A Dangerous Game

The blue whale is a game that has attracted the attention of the authorities. It worries many, especially those who have children. If you want to protect your children's privacy and safety, you can do so with a VeePN Internet VPN. Read on and learn about the game that put everyone on alert.

What Is The Blue Whale

The game in question invites the youngest ones to test their skills every day. These tests consist of watching horror videos and doing risky things. Some of these tests involve cutting oneself, approaching the edge of a cliff, and even jumping off a balcony. Like everything that goes viral on the Internet, the test is already going around the world. Social networks are the most widely shared sites. Of course, it is already available in all languages and on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The central theme of the groups is death.

How The Game Started

Actually, it's uncertain. As is the true objective of the game. Unfortunately, several cases of teenage deaths were reported and attributed to this game. Colombia's Criminal Investigation Department and Interpol was one of many investigative groups that received calls from concerned parents. However, the game has spread to many countries, including Brazil, Russia, Spain and others.

This game does not have much time to be on the net, it is circulating since last year. One of the managers of these groups is called 'Blue Whale', but there are several managers. Some researchers believe that this is a game and that the administrators do not aim to cause serious damage, although they have not measured the consequences.

Vulnerable Children and Adolescents

With this game and many others, children and adolescents are unwittingly harmed. Not everyone will be targeted, but many will. If the administrators of these groups do not seek to harm, there may be other people who take advantage of the vulnerability of users and players and try to camouflage themselves in order to provoke.

Lonely children and teenagers with problems of depression, who do not usually socialize and spend many hours in front of the computer, are an absolute target. Parental control is essential, as well as protecting the Internet connection and filtering content that is not recommended or suitable for children.

How to Protect Your Connection with an Internet VeePN

With internet VeePN, you can do a lot. This connection will allow you to safeguard your privacy online, preventing your personal information from being exposed on the network. This will prevent hacker attacks. On the other hand, the internet VPN will prevent anyone from seeing the IP address of your device. The Internet VPN added to all the other security measures will take care of your children to a great extent. Try it out today.

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