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World Ethnography

Ethnography is the systematic study of people,
their ethnic identities, language, area where they
settled, customs and traditions and more clearly their
cultures. The term Ethnography derived, from Greek
language - ethnos "folk, people, nation" and grapho "I
write". In addition to the above-mentioned,
Ethnography explores and research nations,
establishment and development of ethnic communities,
their distribution, cross-cultural, domestic relations,
social structure, spiritual world and so on. West science
learns Ethnography as Social Anthropolgy.
Each nation is unique, and has its own individual
household. Ethnography study and learn processes and
factors influence to the everyday life of the people and
their household. Along with ethnographic study the
culture of the people.
Culture itself is divided into two parts: the
material and spiritual culture.The objects ,which
created by human belong to the Material culture.To this
group related: settlements, houses, temples, vehicles,
tools, weapons, clothes, ornaments, dishes and etc.
The culture which based on human thoughts
called Spiritual Culture: religion, customs, tradition,science, literature, art, music and so on. Included to this
group. Each nation cultures have very different cultures
and also the cultures arent at the same developmental
level. Ethnography learning diversity and, also,
similarities of the of the world cultures.
World nations are taken into the consideration to study in this book. Language and geographical classifications of World nations are listed and given information about the daily life of people of the Earth. 

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