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GROW - Stress Management

Duration: 12 weeks 

Session format: Weekly 60-minute one-on-one sessions via video call, phone, or in-person

Week 1-2: Introduction to stress management coaching

Discuss your stressors and how they impact your life

Develop a personalized stress management plan

Learn stress management techniques such as breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness

Week 3-4: Goal setting and time management

Identify goals related to stress reduction

Learn time management techniques to better manage your schedule and reduce stress

Explore techniques to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities

Week 5-6: Nutrition and exercise

Discuss the link between stress and nutrition

Develop healthy eating habits to help manage stress

Learn how exercise can help reduce stress and explore ways to incorporate healthy movement into your daily life

Week 7-8: Sleep hygiene

Discuss the importance of sleep in managing stress

Develop a personalized sleep hygiene routine to improve sleep quality

Learn techniques to manage insomnia and other sleep-related issues

Week 9-10: Mindfulness and meditation

Learn techniques to improve mindfulness and develop a meditation practice

Explore the benefits of mindfulness and meditation on stress reduction

Develop a personalized mindfulness and meditation routine

Week 11-12: Reflection and evaluation

Reflect on progress made and goals achieved

Evaluate your stress management plan and make necessary adjustments

Develop strategies for maintaining stress reduction in the long-term.

This is just an example and can be adjusted to fit your individual needs and goals. Remember that stress management is an ongoing process and it takes time and commitment to make lasting changes. A coach can provide guidance, support, and accountability to help you successfully manage stress and improve your overall well-being.

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GROW - Stress Management


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Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not happy with my purchase can I get a refund?

Please get in contact at any time if you're not satisfied with your coaching. We do our best to ensure all clients are happy and need to determine on a case-by-case basis the eligibility of refunds.

How does appointment scheduling work?

When you've completed purchasing you'll be able to login to your coaching account and can find out the next steps required to book a time for your appointment from there.

Is it possible to buy coaching more than once?

For sure! You simply need to purchase coaching again and will be able to get access to another set of coaching sessions.