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The Fireflies of Torino

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Short fiction that shines a light on modern life - the dreams, the regrets, the invisible choices, the hope, the lust, and sometimes, even the love.

Among the people you will meet:

The Fireflies of Torino

Since arriving in Italy from Nigeria, Sade has lived in many of the cities found in the tour books. Now, living on the other side of the river in Torino (Turin in English), Sade and the other fireflies (prostitutes) can only dream of surviving on their own terms.

The Insolent Caretaker

The mysteries of the Merrimack River revolve around a highly dysfunctional religious sect known as The Faithful Mormons. Their leader, Pastor B, is rumored to have had a greater fondness for rum and Coca Cola than for God.

The Wind Phone

This fictional account tells the story of a man who, after years of procrastination, must decide whether to use The Wind Phone to talk to his late wife.

The Far End of the Earth

Sunok Yoon loves the opportunities offered in her adopted country. Where else in the world could she hope to make a living running internet scams such as "'Butchering the Pig?'

High Heaven

Former sniper "Dirty" Dirk Hardly has found himself in a heavenly way station while the powers that be debate his final destination. Is there even room for debate?

Drive, She Said

Bonnie and Parker are about to embark on a week-long trip to the Southwest shortly after deciding to end their relationship.

(Bitter) Sweet Revenge

Amy Murphy, who did not bother to read the ‘repup’ offered on the ‘blissful night,’ has hired a common criminal to help her ‘reclaim’ her valued possessions.

The Absentee Father

TomTom is about to become a father, but the mother has told him he will never be allowed to fulfill that role.

We Don’t Need No Piece of Paper From the City Hall

Cal and Rebecca are on the verge of finding out if there is room for God in their otherwise lustful relationship.

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