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EMERGENCY: Flex and Tone

Praying You Get a Beach Bod By Summer 😫🙏? 

There's nothing worse than being on your first holiday of the year and not feeling confident enough to take a selfie or a group bikini pic.

And it's not about showing off (well it is a little 👀) but being self-conscious about our wobbly bits can take away from joyful memories and times we can't get back!

Don't Let Fat Block Good Times

The feeling of deflation after doing all the online "slim-fast" products and courses in the world and seeing little to no progress 😔.  If you're finished with all the excessive cardio, crash dieting and get slim-quick schemes, then we're here to help you achieve solid results.

"Toning": The Fitness' Industry's Biggest Lie 

Most of you reading this probably want the following:

  • Cut stubborn abdominal fat and cellulite pockets ✂️
  • Fuller and curvier Glutes and legs 🍑
  • Reveal your abs or at least have a flatter stomach 💎
  • Smaller waist 👯
  • Tightening up underarms (no bingo wings🙅‍♀️🐓)

Sound Like a Body You Could Live With?

The idea of "toning your muscles" is one of the BIGGEST lies to become firmly cemented in commercial fitness culture.

However "Toning" is a combination combination of two very real processes: Gaining muscle (in the right places) and reducing excess body fat.

Emergency Flex and Tone: The Body You Needed "Yesterday"

Our Free Fitness and Nutrition Plan

 .... And It's a BEAST

  • No Fluff 
  • No Airy Fairy Pilates (soz if you're a fan)
  • No Fake Toning "High Reps and Low Weights" BS
Instead we thought you'd prefer the TRUTH about the most effective methods of Training and Nutrition for the Female Body.


The Nutrition Part: Carb Cycling 101 🥗🌮

  • Perfect cycling your carbs to learn how to CUT Fat without sacrificing energy unlike normal caloric deficits

  • ADAPTABLE meal examples

  • High, Medium and Low Carb Day examples

  • Learn how to avoid Skinny Fat when getting leaner

  • How to Manage Your MEALS for Effective Eating

The TRAINING 🏋️‍♀️

  • RESISTANCE TRAINING: Learn how STRENGTH Training will help you AVOID "SKINNY FAT"

  • Training Principles: Apply effective INTENSITY and FREQUENCY ratios for FASTER RESULTS

  • How to use cardio to SHRED FAT without sacraficing all your Good Curves

  • Exercise tips and tricks to BOOST your metabolism

    Take The Opportunity to Get Your Summer Body Right This Year 😁💪

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