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A Dame Called Derek

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Charlie's marriage has hit rock bottom and his bed is a lonely place. He tries his hand at erotica but will his writing light his wife’s fire or douse it out for good?

Charlie’s story has her laughing into her morning latte. Charlies is a house husband and in her eyes, his talents remain with pastry rolling.

However, the director of the local pantomime is inspired. He sees a talent for comedy and persuades Charlie to write for the local pantomime.

Charlie’s wife calls him crazy and with a dame as funny as a kidney stone and equipment on a par with a second-hand stall Charlie can see her point; until he discovers his wife’s therapist does more than manipulate her neck.

With a fire of epic proportions and an exotic wardrobe mistress, Charlie is caught in the crossfire of amateur dramatic politics, divorce, and reviving his “romancing” skills.

Until his wife wants him back.

Will he have the courage to take a chance, find a job, or will he return to the safety of cleaning ovens with no bills to pay?

A Dame Called Derek is the first novella in the Diva Diaries series, a laugh-a-minute farce, set in the world of Scottish amateur dramatics.

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