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Christmas Secret, Book 14 in Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge

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When Maddie first fantasized about a wedding with Robert, they were on a tropical vacation with plenty of time on their hands and only the two of them to consider in the daily schedule. But when they returned home after getting engaged, any real consideration for wedding plans had to be put on the back burner as real life kicked into gear again.
Between Maddie’s four daughters and their budding families, her mother’s never-ending escapades, and the drama surrounding the wedding of Robert’s son, it seems as though they’ll never find time for their own trip down the aisle.
The holidays have always been a magical time for Maddie and her family, however, and something about Christmas makes the impossible seem possible. But as Maddie plots a surprise to finally make their wedding dreams a reality, she uncovers a secret that threatens to tear the family’s foundation apart. Can love overcome the painful mistakes of the past as Robert and Maddie pledge to a future together?
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