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Budget Monkey

            I started to write a preface of good reasons we should budget. I listed the destruction of local economies, the oddity that budgeting doesn’t seem to be taught in schools, and the fact that most of us get by because we have credit cards and debt. I decided it was sufficient to say: we have no good example of budgeting coming from even the offices running the country. They spend billions on war while in debt for trillions. The Fed-Res admitted in 2010 they don’t know where nine trillion dollars are, and can’t account for it. A better way to see that number would be to break it down to 30K for every man woman and child in America. Not even an entity dealing ONLY with money is budgeting if ANY money gets lost, let alone more than could possibly fit into my home stacked tightly like bricks.

            Budgeting is kind of a “dirty word” insinuating difficulty, austerity, hard times, and a struggle. It’s not a word that elicits excitement or creates peace. I’m fully aware of this, but I have made myself a system; it’s a budgeting system, it’s easy, and it will change the way we “budget”, or rather, don’t.

            Print these pages double-sided, then bind or stapel it on the left. I’ve included fourteen of my monthly calendars to give you one full year in a single print.

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