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Blogger Paid Partnership Outreach E-mail Template

I am sure that you heard somewhere that you could use your social media channel (Instagram, Facebook, personal blog etc) to get tons of free products, complimentary hotel stays and even get paid for posting on your social media (up to $2,000 per post, depending on your reach!).

But how do you actually do it? How do you get real perks, such as free luxury hotel stays, fine dining experience, designer cloting? How do you get a brand to send a product that you actually like and even pay you to post about it on your channel?

Some people prefer to sit back and wait for brands to contact them whereas some prefer to put themselves out there. For me, I was one of the latter and started to reach out to brands once I’d reached the 10k follower mark as I was impatient, wanted to be heard, and wanted to gain further experience in the process of collaborations. I’d received offers of free products before this, but they were rarely something that I actually liked.

As a result, have been able to experience some of the best hotels in the South East Asia (without spending anything), taste some of the best restaurants and, received tons of free clothing and beauty products and, most importantly, about 50% of the partnerships actually pay, which has given me financial freedom. This freedom allowed me to do what I loved the most, travelling the world.

Remember that followers' count rarely counts. Whether you have an audience of 2k or 200k, from my experience of working with marketing representatives of different companies, what matters most is your personal interest in the brand as well as how responsive your followers are (do they comment on your images, what is your average likes count etc).

So, where do I start?

First of all, once you know which brand you wish to work with, find the right contact:
This can often be the trickiest part of pitching a brand, is finding the right person to reach out to. Here are some tricks that I typically use:

Go to the brand’s website and see if there is a “press” section. They will often have a press contact listed on the latest press release.
Message the brand on Instagram and mention that you’d like to get in touch regarding a possible collaboration–the social contact is often on the PR team, but if not, they will definitely have the email address of the right person to get ahold of.
If all else fails, email or chat customer service and ask for a marketing or PR contact, explaining that you’re a blogger who is interested in getting in touch for a collaboration.

Secondly, once you have the right person, you need to write a killer e-mail. Keep in mind that social media managers are busy, and you will not be the only one e-mailing them. You need to stand out, you need them to notice you. My first pitches to brands were abominable – Hi, I’m Roberta, this is my Instagram account, would you like to work together? – nothing screams I’m just a girl who wants some freebies more than that. Since then, the emails I send to companies have thankfully improved and so has the success rate. 

I have included a link in this page with a full copy of the e-mail template, which I created, which you will be able to download, if you wish, for your own use for a small fee.

Good luck and please send me feedback if you succeed - I would love to hear it!

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