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You want more clients, and get great results.

You want to feel less chaotic, and know what to do next.

You want to feel calm, and have a plan for success.

Hello you!

My name is Nina Eggens, and this is why I have launched this course, especially for creatives.


'The joyful marketing course for creative entrepreneurs'

8-week live Group Programme - starts 4 October 2022

Why is this marketing course great for creatives?

First of all, I am a creative at heart. I am not a corporate, commercial business and sales guru (click away if you were hoping for this!). But I have skills, and 20 years of marketing experience. And I understand your beautiful, chaotic, creative brain. The world needs you!

Creatives are notorious for underselling themselves, and they often drown in a sea of ideas. Right?

This course teaches you exactly how to make yourself better visible to the right people, in a joyful, creative and authentic way, so you can make more money doing what you love.

Marketing does not have to be a chore.

Join me on my joyful 8-week group programme, where you will feel empowered about sharing your story, and come away with a plan for success.

You will grow in confidence as an entrepreneur, and bring the fun back into marketing.

I will be your coach for 8 weeks, and you will guaranteed feel happier and ready to take your business to the next level.

Is the course suitable for where you're at?

Don't sign up if it's not the right fit! You get the most out of the course if you fall into the category 'just started and no idea about marketing', or 'been running this show for a while but never had a proper plan'.

"So many 'Eureka moments'!"

Before working with Nina I was feeling completely daunted by the whole social media and marketing my business thing. After following the course I actually feel excited about the prospect of marketing my business, I have a much clearer idea of the message I want to get across, and I am brimming with fresh ideas. I had so many ‘Eureka’ moments during the course, too many to mention them all, but I think my favourite was that marketing your business shouldn’t feel like a grind!

Alex Baker, photographer, Valencia, Spain

What results can you expect?

Another course? Is it worth it? Let's talk results!

Scroll down for the 6 modules and what we will cover during our 8 weeks together 🔽

More structure, less chaos. Less random, more target.

Less headaches, more joy.

What do you say, are you in?

8 weeks, 6 live coaching calls, and plenty of support!

One-off payment


Payment plan

per month for 2 months

Course curriculum

What will you get?

The programme includes:

Live 1-hour training on Zoom, 6 calls spread over 8 weeks. They are recorded and sent out by email, so you can watch them later if you miss them.

  • Printable PDF workbook every week to focus on a specific task.
  • Accountability pod on Facebook with fellow participants and myself in there for questions and sharing during the 8 weeks.
  • BONUS: Free e workbook 'Write Awesome Copy'

Module 1: Your Offer

Live call: Tuesday 4th of October, 8pm CET

What do you offer?

Who do you help?

What do you solve?

What is your niche?

In week 1 we are laying the foundations. We are going to fine-tune your business offer, your niche and your ideal client. You will work on defining your offer, and understand who you are trying to target and help.

Module 2: Your Message

Live call: Tuesday 11th of October, 8pm CET

How can you make it crystal clear what it is you do?

What is your USP? What makes you unique?

How can you tap into the emotions of your client and connect?

In week 2 we will discover what it is that makes you unique. We will cover copywriting techniques so that you know how to write copy that resonates with your ideal client, and converts them into buying. Writing catchy sales copy will become your super power!

The BONUS free e-book will be an amazing extra guide for you to practice your skills during the implementation week.

IMPLEMENTATION WEEK (no live call this week)

Module 3: Hello, impostor

Live call: Tuesday 25th of October, 8pm

Why do we feel so insecure sometimes? (and isn't is annoying!) 

What stories do you have in your head, and how do you get over them?

What can you do to show up with full confidence so clients will say yes?

Without confidence, it is hard to get the results you want. Time to tackle those self-limiting beliefs! We will do exercises and talk about how to get rid of the impostor syndrome. You will learn great techniques to stay fully in control during even the trickiest client calls.

Module 4: Social like a Ninja!

Live call: Tuesday 1st of November, 8pm CET

What platforms to choose?

What is authentic content and how to create it?

What types of posts get the most engagement?

What type of content is best for your business?

I will show you how to choose the best platform for your biz and create content that people love. I will share different ideas that have worked for me and help you feel in control of your scheduling to get results. No more random shooting from the hip! Ready, steady, go!


Module 5: Let’s get visible

Live call: Tuesday 8th of November, 8pm

How do you get more visible and attract leads?

The importance of SEO

How to use content marketing to your advantage

In Module 5, I will teach you the basics of SEO (without scary tech!), but also what other things you can do to make your brand and business more visible online and offline. You’ll get some unique ideas to try out, I promise! Eureka moments guaranteed.

Module 6: Your Road Map

Live call: Tuesday 15th of November, 8pm

How to create a simple marketing plan that makes sense is is easy to stick to

How to set goals and reach them!

How to choose your tactics

Step-by-step planning

In Module 6, we will put all the puzzle pieces together and start seeing the wood from the trees. I will show you how to create a simple plan, plus give you the steps you can take once you’ve finished the course. You will now have a clear road map to grow your business! Woohoo!

I understand creatives and small businesses, run by passionate entrepreneurs. Because I am one.

Want to know more about me? Visit my About page on my website for all the gossip!

"A much stronger mindset and more confidence!"

I was just starting my business, and now I feel like the ball is actually rolling forward and I have a clear path with what I need to do to share my products and reach more people. Your course helped me set goals and really strategize what needs to happen. I would not have known where to start without it. Between your materials and my notes from our calls, I know exactly what to do. I feel much more confident, my mindset is so much stronger. - Kathryn, Language Teacher & Development Specialist, Madrid, Spain

Are you ready to roll?

One-off payment


Payment plan

per month for 2 months

"A marketing plan to set us up for success"

“As creative small business owners ourselves, Nina’s marketing course was a perfect fit for us. Running a small business can be a chore at times and having to balance marketing on top of it all is overwhelming. In a short time, we were able to gain confidence and learn the available options for marketing our business. We left the course with a marketing plan to set us up for success.”

Natalie Gilson, brand strategist and designer, Canada

Do you need more reassurance?

I have plenty of testimonials from clients on my website. Real people, creatives just like you, who have worked with me 1-to-1 or who have been on the course before. Hear it from them!

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Got more questions?

For questions about the course, check out the FAQ. If you need any more info after that, you can always drop us an email on