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How to Get Copywriting Clients

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"Every single business on the planet needs writer.

Think about that.

No matter what niche, no matter what market.

Every single business needs writers.

Now think of all of the different products and mediums and messages and styles and brand voices there are out there.

There is so much opportunity out there for copywriters.

In fact the number one question that I hear from my business colleagues, partners, and clients is “where can I find a good writer?”

So trust me, they are out there looking for you!" ~ Alex Cattoni

"Many copywriting courses teach you the mechanics of a particular style of copywriting, but they don’t tell you very much about how to get clients/" ~ Jon Morrow

This guide answer the most common question asked by new copywriters.

This guide contains 11,779 words, 62 pages of insights by 66 copywriting experts.

Here's what you will discover

* 3 ways to make money as a copywriter

* 6 kinds of clients who are your ideal prospects

* 19 ways to find leads

* Why you may not want to call yourself a copywriter

* How to position yourself as a go to person

* How to promote your service

* Should you showcase your portfolio publicly?

* How to build your portfolio

* How to present your portfolio to your prospect

* How to pitch to your prospects

* What prospects are really looking for

* What you can offer to your clients

* Should you work for free?

* ... and more
You will get a PDF (601KB) file

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