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ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE : or, The Apotheosis of Groundlessness - by Leon SHESTOV

Russian existentialist philosopher Leon Shestov's seminal work on the difference between the Russian and European mind through analysis of their philosophies and literatures is now available in this Kindle eBook Edition for the first time.

" 'Everything is possible' - this is his really central cry. It is not nihilism. It is only a shaking free of the human psyche from old bonds. The positive central idea is that the human psyche, or soul, really believes in itself, and in nothing else." D.H. Lawrence

A Biographical Note: The author of this book, Leon Shestov, whose original name was Lev Isaakovich Schwarzmann, was born in Kiev in 1866. Even though he studied law at Moscow University, he never came to practise it. From the late 1890's he lived in St. Petersburg and by 1898 he had published his first important work, 'Shakespeare and his Critic, Brandes'. He was to continue writing books for the remainder of his life. In 1922 he emigrated to Berlin, though he later settled for good in Paris. And although he gave occasional lectures in Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam (and indeed made two lecture tours in Palestine) he never held any official academic post. He died in 1938. His works have been translated into many languages since and he has become one of the most highly respected of world thinkers. He was held in the highest admiration by Albert Camus who refers to him frequently.

Features of this Edition: Introductory Essay on the Life and Thought of Leon Shestov by Edouard d'Araille; Foreword by D.H.Lawrence on this specific work by Leon Shestov; The Complete Text of this work, which comprises two Parts - Part I (Fragmentary Life) and Part II (For the Giddy-Free); Select Bibliography of Shestov's major works; Textual Annotations, by the author and linguistic.

A Brief Extract: "The obscure streets of life do not offer the conveniences of the central thoroughfares: no electric light, no gas, not even a kerosene lamp-bracket. There are no pavements: the traveller has to fumble his way in the dark. If he needs a light, he must wait for a thunderbolt, or else, primitive-wise, knock a spark out of a stone. In a glimpse will appear unfamiliar outlines; and then, what he has taken in he must try to remember, no matter whether the impression was right or false. For he will not easily get another light, except he run his head against a wall, and see sparks that way. What can a wretched pedestrian gather under such circumstances? How can we expect a clear account from him whose curiosity (let us suppose his curiosity so strong) led him to grope his way among the outskirts of life? Why should we try to compare his records with those of the travellers through brilliant streets?"

More about Shestov (or Chestov): Little-known outside his native Russia, Shestov is one of the most significant philosophers and critics of modern Russia. He is at once a thinker in his own right and a deep-thinking critic of literature and philosophies. This essay includes a short biography of his life and a sketch of some of his philosophical ideas, including those presented in his intriguingly named 'The Apotheosis of Groundlessness' (the original title for 'All Things are Possible!). He is an existentialist and individualist in his thinking, and it is interesting to that he has written monographs on Friedrich Nietzsche and Soren Kierkegaard - the two most fundamental forefathers of 20th century Existentialism. In 'All Things are Possible' Shestov takes time to compare the European (or Western) and the Russian ways of thinking. He explores these two Weltanschauungs and go deep to the heart of the divergences between these two philosophies. Leon Shestov is a fascinating writer who is one of the few - apart from Nietzsche and Lichtenberg - who can express his philosophy through a series of thoughts and aphorisms. This work is written in a relaxed style yet the force of the author's arguments are felt long after reading this work. A truly unique reading experience and an unforgettable author.

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