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When the Chips are Down

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With Kale and Eight making plans for the future, they forgot that nothing came easily for them.

Gail is taken captive by newly released con, Fernando Gonzales, son of former Azteca president, Salvador. And Rodney is in on it, still missing his relationship with Kale. The Aztecas, along with the Devil’s Rebels, must fight the new threat, along with those pushing for the takeover of the club.

Kale sees his world crashing down around him but wants to show Eight he can be trusted to help.

WARNINGS: This book contains scenes of sexual situations between two or more consenting men. There are also scenes of BDSM. Please do not attempt any of the activities in this book without knowing how to be safe.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the 2nd book in this series, and SHOULD BE READ IN ORDER!
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