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Secret Baby (Desert Duets)

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Dear Reader,

Don’t you love it when you stumble across your favorite theme in a book—such as secret baby, second chance, enemies to lovers, or woman in danger?

As an author of over thirty books I thought it would be fun to select books from my catalog and combine them together by theme. So I did, and my Desert Duets was born. You get two heartfelt romances, for the price of one!

In Secret Baby, you'll find two romances in which the secrets around the couple's child form the basis for a second chance at love. But that second chance involves marriages of convenience and a whole lot of drama! This set contains:

The Sheikh's Secret Baby
A controlling sheikh with a secret, a beautiful model with a broken heart, forced into a marriage to save their son. But can it save their love?

The Sheikh's Bargain Bride
The ultimate controlling sheikh, Zahir Al-Zaman is so obsessed with freedom-loving Anna Whitman that he traps her into marriage. But he won't force her into his bed; he has his strategies for seduction...

So pour yourself a cup or glass of your favorite drink, some chocolates (of course), get comfy, and spoil yourself with a double helping of your favorite type of romance!


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