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Let's Pretend, A Tale of Mind, Imagination, and Healing


Dr. Peter Andresen is a broken man. Once a highly-respected psychiatrist, he lives alone, suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder that he steadfastly denies. Unable to practice medicine, he survives on modest VA benefits. Ten years earlier, his wife died in a freak bicycle accident. Soon thereafter, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He has managed his Parkinson’s for nine years without taking medication.

As the story begins, Peter walks alone on a deserted beach. He doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing until he encounters a beautiful young woman named Holly Be. She knows his story and it is her assigned mission to restore meaning to his life. But she fails to maintain the emotional distance required to prevent them from falling in love.

Holly lives in the realm of imaginary reality; a state of mind in which material realities are optional. What is real is whatever Peter and Holly can imagine. Their experiences range from existentially profound encounters to lighthearted play. Peter’s stated mission is to understand the bodymind and how managing it can arrest the progression of Parkinson’s. His PTSD is a different story. It is buried so deeply; he lives as if the trauma never took place. Terrifying memories must become conscious and reexperienced in florid detail if he will ever be free.

By the end of his stay, his brain’s disorders are resolved; but his safe return is not guaranteed—he may die during reentry. Even if he returns safely, he will continue to be alone if Holly cannot leave imaginary reality . . . maybe.

A Deeper look:

While the  synopsis summarizes the story, it fails to convey the soul of the tale. The Infinite Mind and the Big Bang came into being, fused  like conjoint twins, the instant the Universe appeared. The Infinite Mind is conscious but, unlike  matter, has no limits such as the speed of light.  Humankind errs when encountering The Infinite Mind by reducing it to a god of their own creation. The energy and wisdom of The Infinite Mind do not respond to human pleadings . . . whatever the form. But humanity interacts with the Infinite Mind all the time. Holly guides Peter to engaging and manifesting the Infinite Mind. The vehicle she uses: IMAGINATION!

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