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Fertility challenges are often made up of more than one root cause, hence they require, firstly, a deep inquiry to address the source(s). Then, once the source has been determined, a course of action becomes clear. The action requires following a sequence of protocols that will help resolve each aspect of the cause. Consequently, restoring fertility often requires a commitment of at least 6 months, to the protocols provided.

Note that women and men have reproductive challenges at about equal percentages in the population. Therefore, I provide some guidance for men as well. If more in- depth support for men is desired, I am available for private consultations.

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I ask that couples refrain from trying to conceive for 3 months. The first level of implementing protocols that heal underlying causes, can be expected last three months. The next level, which directly enhances fertility, will require another three months to support optimal health.

Because of the complexity of fertility challenges that manifest over a long period of time, it takes time and attention for all aspects of yourself; body, emotions and spirit to heal. Be gentle with yourself, and try to be patient, knowing you are doing a lot; whatever you can to achieve your desired outcome.


In the following section, I summarize the often complex symptoms that constitute fertility challenges. I use the phrase fertility challenges because it is more empowering, and less static than the word infertility. It leaves room for growth and movement.

Words have power.

I also make a distinction between reductive medicine, which is also known as allopathic medicine, the approach that most of us grew up with in the western world, and holistic medicine, which has ancient origins, but incorporates modern science as well. I go into detail about how reductive medicine approaches the symptoms of fertility challenges, and will contrast it with how I approach these symptoms, further on.

Following this, I share holistic treatment protocols on how to address each symptom, or combination of symptoms. Symptoms often come in clusters with a common root cause, consequently, by addressing the root we can resolve several problematic symptoms.

Resources will be provided for finding other supportive practitioners, remedies and more. My intention is for the information you receive, to provide as comprehensive a resource as possible for you on this journey.
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