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No More Sneaking Around (Sneaky Love Series Book .3.)

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Happily Ever After Guaranteed!

They're making the most of every business opportunity they can. Ally is tired on top of her tired and Alex is worried about her pushing herself too far.

Alex's construction business is going so well that he and Dan had to employ another crew. He's also learned to live with his best friend and his sister living together but is Dan doesn't look after Mia, then there will be hell to pay.

They're happily living together with Alex's blessing with an underlying promise to pull Dan into line if he messes up.

Alex's threat doesn't worry Dan because he knows a secret that's going to blow Alex's mind.

Dan is also working hard to bring in more clients for his carpentry business.

Mia's best friend Max, is looking for love but he's been hurt before, burned by trusting the wrong people with his heart.

With a history filled with pain because of those who were supposed to love and protect him, but didn't, he has a choice to make. Can he trust himself and Jordan so that he can have the happily ever after that he deserves?
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