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Max Chroma Luminosity Mask Generator & Colorizer (Actions for Adobe Photoshop)

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The Max Chroma Luminosity Mask Generator & Colorizer is an enhanced version of the Greyscales Module of the Master Colorist Action Pack,  and generates true-blending Duo, Tri, Quad, Quint-Tone gradients as greyscale conversions, as well as using these extractions as "Luminosity Masks" for making mask-based adjustments to the original image.  

The greyscale colorizing is similar to the "Gradient Map" of Photoshop except it does not have the compression artifacts and inaccuracies of the Gradient Map, and does the blends at specific pre-set points for true Duo-Tone, Tri-Tone, Quad-Tone, and even Quint-Tone blends.   This action also avoids the curve, dot-gain, and overprint errors found in Photoshop's Greyscale, Multichannel, and Duo-Tone modes which do not produce true color blends when attempting to generate these type of gradients from an image.

The Luminosity Mask groups work over the original image, and allow adjustments and colorizing or gradients to be applied to the various extractions which are based on the original luminosity ranges of the image whether it was in color or greyscale to begin with.  

The greyscale colorizer layers will convert your original image into greyscale, then produce a 2-color blend (Black and White),  1 to 2 to 3 Color Blend (Black, Medium Grey, White)... and so on for the 1-2-3-4, and 1-2-3-4-5 blends,  which have colorizer layers that then allow you to change the colors to anything you want using the color picker.   

There is also provided a 2-color Extractor, which will extract the exact gradients of any 2 colors from an original image or graphic blend, as long as those colors are accurately blended to begin with.   

There is a greyscale test file and some colorzing presets also included.   

This type of blending and color extracting may seem simple on the surface, and similar to Photoshop's gradient map and duo-tone features,  but it opens the door into producing truly accurate gradients and blends, as well as custom-color blend extractions, and shows that there is always room for improvement upon some of the basic functionality we take for granted as working properly.   The duo-tone mode in Photoshop is especially incapable of producing these kinds of color blends, and has long-standing built-in errors in how it processes the curves of the blends and the overprint calculations. 

Explore the possibilities with true-color-blending gradient mapping and with the Luminosity Mask extraction preset to various adjustment layers!  

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