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Knowing the Universal Laws to manifest your reality

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The Law of Attraction is one law among other Universal Laws and knowing all of them can help tremendously in your manifestation process... It's all about alignment...

How to reach alignment? It's all about balance and I explain how to reach balance and bring your ideal reality in your physical reality.

All the Universal Laws are connected because in the Universe, everything is One - and in the same way we are one with ourselves. In the manifestation process, each aspect of our being needs to be taken into account.
If we want to move forward in life and that the past no longer influences our future, at some point we need to understand how we function and release what no longer serves us as we build the future of our dream every minute that goes by.

In this book, you will find simple techniques, tips and advice in the fields of personal development and spirituality that you can implement in your daily life, no matter what you are wanting to manifest (a new job, a new car, your soul mate...).

These techniques will show you that every detail matters and can be used to support your goal and reinforce your intentions. You will also learn how to see the bigger picture and change your perspective on situations that seem like "mistakes" or "failure" (hint: they don't have to exist...) You are an alchemist, you can transform everything!

All of this will help you raise your vibration and reach the reality that you want to see in your life.
I have also included 2 bonuses: one to help you heal wounds and one with 100+ positive affirmations.

I wish you a nice time reading this book! And remember how worthy and deserving you are, you can create your reality!

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