Student Membership

Member benefits include:  - Exclusive access to our bi-monthly digital magazine, 'Doctor You'; - Exclusive resources to support you on your study journey;  - Exclusive access to our Facebook group;  - Use of our member logo to tell the world that you're part of this fantastic community.  - Access to our coaching platform (launching April 2020) with additional coaching supprt* (*additional cost to one-to-one coaching). The benefits of networking are well-known and you'll have opportunities to network with others through the Doctoral Study Association. 

Select a plan below to get started
Student membership (paid annually)


Pay your year's membership in one-payment. Save on other payment options. Only worry about it once a year. Reduce the risk of losing access. Plan will renew annually unless you cancel.
Student Membership (6 monthly)

every 6 months

Pay a little more than the annual option but helps spread the cost. Plan will renew every 6 months unless you cancel.
Student Membership with coaching (1 year)


This option includes: - One year's membership. - 1 hour of online coaching each month for 12 months (worth £480). This plan will renew annually unless cancelled.