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Health Unit 2: My Body

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This unit focuses on an in-depth study of personal health care, diseases, growth patterns, nutrition and protection. There is a lot of new vocabulary in this unit for some students and it is explained in an understandable way.

The students will examine physical and emotional development during adolescence such as puberty.

- Describe the influence of the endocrine system on growth and development such as hormonal dysfunction. Will cut endocrine gland function and will paste what that gland does. Will also cut and paste the definition of what the endocrine system is and what is hormonal dysfunction.
- Explain how differences in growth patterns among adolescents such as the onset of puberty and how it affects personal health.
- Describe physiological and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and how it influences decision-making.
- Compare the interrelationships of physical, mental, and social health through reading.
-Describe the life cycle of human beings including birth, dying, and death. Will read about it and then answer the pertaining questions.

Will cover nutrition

- Relate practices and steps necessary for making health decisions.
-Discuss the risks and benefits of decision-making concerning personal health, such as making healthy nutritional choices. The student will answer questions regarding their eating and how they can make their with more nutritional value.
-Learn about communicable and non-communicable diseases and then give examples. Will also share how to reduce the spread of communicable diseases.
- Distinguish risk factors associated with communicable and non- communicable diseases.
- Summarize and discuss regional facts related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and how to avoid obtaining it.
- Explain and discuss the role of preventive health measures, immunizations, and treatment in disease prevention such as wellness exams. The student will be given a patient describing symptoms and they will have to match the description given to match the pertaining STD.
- Analyze risks for contracting specific diseases based on pathogenic, genetic, age, cultural, environmental, and behavioral factors.

Will also cover eating Disorders.

- Identify and describe types of eating disorders such as bulimia,
anorexia, or overeating. Student will then answer questions regarding their reading on different types of eating disorders.

Now includes mini Unit 3: Relationships.

This information was structured with 7th grade students in mind.
Answer key is included.

Have fun chatting up!

Total 34 pages.
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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