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Custom-made Algo for Professional Traders

Custom-made indicator for Metatrader 4.

Lifetime License Limited Edition. The Ultimate tool for professional traders


What makes this indicator different?

 It includes an optimization value to get the most out of the indicator

When you are working with an Expert Advisor you have to optimize the tool before using it in your preferred symbol and timeframe. That way you can get the best results. With an indicator that shouldn’t be different. That’s why it includes an Optimization value, so now you can get the most out of every symbol, no matter the Time Frame or the Market!!

You can get the best set up for your preferred Market and Time Frame. You can use it on Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Index, stocks, bunds, Oils… You can trade the whole Market. We live in a correlated world. You can take advantage of every Market as the professional traders do!

*All screenshots are real and were not manipulated in any manner. What you see is actual indicator performance. Live Account.




  • DAX





Even ETF funds…

  • ETF iShares Dow Jones


High performing indicator

There is no magic or 100% guaranteed entry indicator, it’s all about high probability.

With this tool you can get precise entries to trade your favourite Market. This is a big help when using with your personal trading style and money management.

While some people prefer an aggressive Scalping strategy, others feel more comfortable with Long-Term trading with less stress and without the need of being being in front of the screens every day. Whatever your trading strategy is there is you can set the optimization value to help you in your trading decisions.


This is not a bed of roses

Optimization can give you fantastic results, but it requires to work on it and find the best value for your preferred Market, Time Frame and trading style.  As a result, you will get very powerful entry signals to increase your development as a trader. 



Now you can take advantage of the new Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is skyrocketing, and some people say the price will be higher than 500000 btdusd in a few years. Other people says it’s one of the biggest bubble of the history and you can make more money going against the trend.

Crypto is a very volatile Market with a lot of opportunities to go long and sell short. Now you can follow the direction of the Market and take advantage of many cryptocurrencie like Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, PeerCoin, Namecoin…





Does not repaint

The indicator doesn’t repaint nor back-paint. Once the bar closes with an arrow, the arrow will not move, nor disappear. That’s very important to back test the results! The arrow may disappear if the bar hasn't closed yet. But once the bar closes, the arrow will stay there.

Also, the arrows do not appear 2 or 3 candles later.

The Algo includes sound alerts and pop up. It does not include email alerts or push alerts.

What you see on the screenshots is real-time indicator performance.

You can optimise it for Scalp the market on the 1 Minute Time Frame.

Or you can optimise it for Swing trading.


Technical analysis

This is not a stand-alone system. The indicator is a sniper tool to know whether open a trade or wait a little more. Some basic technical analysis, check several Time-Frames or using currency correlation should be needed to increase your trading performance and built your own powerful trading system.



This is a custom-made indicator with a life time License. Only 1 payment.

The bespoke indicator will be attached to your Metatrader 4 Account Number and it will only work on your Account. Just need to attach the indicator to the chart everytime you open Metatrader.

Lifetime license offer.

No recurring payments

No monthly fees.



Digital delivery. After payment you will receive a PDF file with instructions. Once you send us the Metatrader Account Numbers you want the indicator to be attached to, we will start to code your indicator and you will receive your indicator in your PayPal email address in less than 48 hours.

You will receive the following items in less than 48 hours:

  • The .ex4 file with your Custom-Made indicator
  • Instructions on how to use it



No monthly fees or subscriptions. You only pay once, and you can use it forever… and save a lot of money.


Everyday price

$350 for 1 License

$700 for 2 Account Licenses


Your price today

$269 for 2 Account Licenses


Your saving today

+ $400 dollars !!


Returns and guarantee

All sales are final. Since I am selling a digital good which is not a tangible good or service I cannot accept returns and hence not issue refunds. Here you have an accurate description of the indicator and lots of screenshots. This product is as described here. All screenshots featured in this listing are truthful, real and were not manipulated in any manner.



This is an indicator for Metatrader 4 so a basic prior knowledge of the platform Metatrader 4 and how to install indicators on it is necessary before buying this product. This indicator is a manual indicator intended for analysis of markets and providing information. As a manual indicator, its effectiveness is based on your input, experience, discipline and trading psychology. Hence, we will not be held responsible for any losses you may incur because of using the indicator in your trading endeavors. We endeavour to provide the best service we can, but you understand and agree that the indicator is provide "as is". In addition, we make no representation nor do it warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsability for any third party application, Broker or user content. The offer includes only two account numbers per purchase, these numbers cannot be changed in the future since the license cannot be modified. By purchasing the product you declare you have read and agree to the terms presented here. 










Protection: All original products sold on this page are created by Milliontrader and considered to be the Intellectual Property of Milliontrader, Copyright number PnYtGNo3Kxtneq3Q and are protected by DMCA Protection Services using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Title 17 Chapter 512 (c)(3). You are not allowed to copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell or distribute any of our products. Any infringements will be prosecuted inmediately.

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$ 269.00

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