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EPUB eBook: Reno in Flames #4: Firestorm

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A woman in a man’s world…  

Firefighter Maizy Johnston got her first tattoo the day she turned 18, as an act of rebellion and to honor the memory of a beloved friend. A so-called tough girl and feminist, she’s worked hard to earn and keep the respect of her male colleagues. But her private life is just that: private. Casual sexual flings are fun, but she’s never going to put her heart on the line again. Especially for a coworker whose sexy appeal doesn’t make up for his chauvinistic attitude. 

A man in a world of hurt…  

Alex Beckett may fight fires with women, but he can’t seem to stop himself from insulting his female coworkers. Maybe it has something to do with his lingering resentment over his mother’s abandonment—or his proximity to his sexist drunk of a father. But when Alex’s life is on the line, it’s a woman who saves him from the flames and ignites a new kind of fire.   

Fighting the fire together…  

Maizy gets enough heat on the job every day, but the heat she feels for Alex is something different. Is it possible for a man with all his issues to turn over a new leaf? Caught in a firestorm of emotions, do they have the courage to risk getting hurt if the reward is a lifetime of love?
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