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.EPUB and .MOBI files of The Last Star: A Sun Maker Short Story

Surviving at the end of everything.

Do you help others?

Or do you abandon them?

For Song, the choice is more difficult than it seems. He and his AI, Maia, have been traveling since the stars began to vanish throughout the universe. No one knows why or how. They couldn't be in a more helpless situation.

Then there's the last star.

It's his only hope for survival.

When he comes across a crashing space station full of survivors, his ship is now the only lifeboat for lightyears. The only problem is, it's too small to carry everyone.

What if they stole his ship?

Will he arrive at the last star in time?

Song must decide between helping those in need and turning his back on the universe. What he learns along the way will determine if it's worth the effort.
You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (341KB)
  • MOBI (921KB)
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