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Self Love Meditation

Reconnect with yourself, love yourself more and live a life you love. 

This meditation is perfect for women whose biggest barrier to finding the right love or having the motivation to create their ideal life is a lack of self love, rooted in worthiness wounding. 

As the Right Love Coach, I’ve noticed a common theme when women come to me for relationship coaching. Many women struggle in life not for lack of effect or knowledge but because they carry worthiness wounding that they are not aware of.

  1. It could be looking in the mirror and not liking what you see or believing that other women are more attractive than you.
  2. Sometimes it’s struggling to focus on projects thereby being less productive and not meeting your goals.
  3. Other times it can be  comparing yourself to other women or compromising to date a guy you know isn’t quite right for you but you worry that if you let him go you won’t find someone else. 
  4. Other times it’s procrastinating and not having the motivation to do the things you know will help you move that much closer to your goals and dreams. 
  5. Most of this may seem unrelated but it’s all from the same worthiness chord.
Even if you think none of these apply I challenge you to listen and see how you change the way you see yourself and show up for yourself in the coming days. I have a feeling you’re going to love this. 

This self love meditation is all about changing the way you think about yourself, to see yourself as your first love, embody more self love, value yourself more and when it comes to love and relationships you’ll never again allow any man to disrespect you.

You can feel a change in your self worth in as little as 24 hrs. 

Use it daily for at least 7 days or for a transformative shift listen to this audio for 30 days.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback on how this transforms how you see yourself, advocate for yourself and show up for yourself.

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