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Abba's Daughters: Everyday Women, Extraordinary God

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Abba's Daughters: Everyday Women, Extraordinary God

Stories compiled by Rashaunda Marie & Queen Cole

Discover the inspiring journey of faith in "Abba's Daughters: Everyday Women, Extraordinary God." This anthology features 14 courageous women, sharing personal testimonies of God's faithfulness in their lives and their connection to women from the Bible.

Within the pages of this book, you will find the vulnerable and heartfelt accounts of these women, who witnessed God's miraculous presence. Experience Rahab's act of faith, reminding us that God's redemptive power knows no bounds. See Hannah's sincere prayers answered, showing us that God hears our heart's cries. Learn from Leah's perseverance in the face of adversity. Draw inspiration from Sarah's doubt turning into joy when God fulfilled His promise. Find hope in Lot's Wife's story, knowing God's mercy endures forever.

Relate to Hagar's experiences of exploitation and deliverance, realizing that God sees and cares for society's outcasts. Marvel at Tamar's unwavering pursuit of justice, knowing God defends the oppressed. Connect with Martha's desire to serve Jesus, learning to choose what He treasures most. Be amazed by Abigail's unwavering commitment and decisive actions in protecting her household from her husband's foolishness.

Allow the courageous daughters of Zelophehad to inspire you to boldly ask God for your inheritance. Also, find inspiration in the New Testament women like Mary, Samaritan woman, and the woman with the issue of blood, who displayed dedication, spread the good news, and experienced miraculous healing.

While these women's struggles may mirror your own, their stories point to an unwavering God who remains constant throughout time. These testimonies bear witness to the truth that, in any era, God uses the lives of everyday women to accomplish extraordinary things. Though times change, God's character remains faithful.

Contributing Authors:

Rashaunda Marie

Queen Cole

Yasu (Foreword)

Adeyinka Kilani

Danielle Hall

Doroeathea J. Beach

Dr. Esther Nnadi

Jae Vonne Stewart

LaToya Bilbo

LaKesha McKie

Leyla LumieĢre

Melinda Hunter

Misty Swancy

Renesha Holmes

Susan Gladstein